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Which brand of Boiler should I buy

Many Heating engineers have a preferred manufacturer of Boiler. For some its reliability, others it maybe that certain manufactures offer the installer incentives. Some engineers are 100% loyal to a brand and blind to anything else that maybe better. 

Now I run a business and need to make a living so I will not turn work away based on brands of boiler lightly, I will try and guide a potential customer away from brands or models that I know have had reliability problems, I will try and persuade them to research any boiler before committing to anything but always bear in mind how much certain brands spend in marketing.

Reviews can be very misleading on a product such as a boiler, what is the point of a review after 1 year, what's it like after 7 or 8. 

From my personal point of view, If I was to go out and offer potential customers the UK's most popular brand (based on sales not quality) I would convert more leads to sales, I just don't believe in the product. That is important to me, I regard myself as Heating Engineer for a reason. I want to engineer the best possible heating system for my customers using the best products available. Most boilers I install come with a 7 or 10 year warranty, I want to be servicing that boiler throughout its life as its not only good business, its a system I have installed and proud of.

The day I'm happy to throw boilers on the wall, take the money and walk away, is the day I should quit.

At the moment my favourite boiler brand is Intergas, relatively new to the UK but have been round a long time in Europe. A Dutch company who to me have produced the best heat exchanger around. Internally its a simple boiler, very few moving parts and very few things to wrong. No plate to plate heat exchanger for hot water which are renowned for clogging, especially in hard water areas. I have undertaken their extra training so can offer up to 10 year warranties. 

So when it comes to choosing a boiler it can be tricky for the consumer to know what to do when each engineer has a different opinion, my advice would be to go with the engineer you feel offers you the best advice, talks with knowledge and asks you plenty of questions about your requirements.

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