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How Smart Are Smart Controls

On the 6th April 2018 the legislation around heating manufacture and installation in the UK is changed. 

This blog is not about Boiler plus as even though it is really good news for the consumer, talking about is really dull!

One element of Boiler Plus is "smart Controls" How "smart" are they really?

"Smart" controls?

I see a lot of smart controls thrown in and wired the same way we have been doing since the sixties. This is not particularly smart and is probably doing these simple to use bits of tech an injustice.

Most if not all smart controls can be wired the old way, making them a good looking on/off thermostat you can control from your smart phone. Great, this will have a small positive impact on your heating bill but they can do so much more with many modern boilers.

The benefits of smart controls

"Open Therm" Technology is a new protocol enabling better communication between the thermostat and the boiler. This has many advantages:

  • Increases the efficiency of the heating system
  • Reduces boiler 'start/stops' and therefore boiler wear and tear is decreased
  • Ability for remote control and diagnostics of the boiler from the controls (bringing future advantages in remote monitoring of the heating system)
  • Extra functions (information sent to room thermostat from the boiler, such as fault codes)
  • No batteries required (room thermostat can be powered by the OpenTherm connection)
  • Increases the life of the boiler
  • Devices are very simple to install (two wire, extra low voltage cables and in many cases simpler to wire than current ON/OFF controls)
  • Can provide status of the boiler on the thermostat display (where available)
  • Lowers fuel bills

Many brands of Smart Open Therm Controls have add-ons such as remote monitoring of cameras, smoke and carbon monoxide alarms etc. 

For me Honeywell are my brand of choice with Nest also a good option.

This tech should not be seen as something out of the ordinary or a luxury. It should be demanded on all new installs. Its simply better because of the all the points set out above.

Want to learn more about smart home controls?

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